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Trusts and Estate Planning Lawyers White Plains, NY

We prepare uniquely developed estate plans for you and your family through the drafting of wills and trusts to provide for your financial, legal and medical needs during your life, and the future treatment of your hard earned assets in accordance with your wishes upon your death.

One commonly misconceived notion is that Estate Planning is only for the wealthy.  Another common misconception is that Estate Planning is only for the elderly.  In today’s complex world these ideas are simply not true.  Regardless of your level of wealth or age a well prepared Estate Plan addresses such important questions as:

For Older Folks:

  • Will my Estate Plan allow me to enjoy retirement?
  • What will happen if my spouse dies before me or I die before my spouse?
  • What will happen to my home when I die? What if I want to sell my home?
  • What impact will my passing have on my family after I am gone?
  • Do I want to distribute my assets outright or have them held in trust for the benefit of family members?
  • What will happen to the assets I leave to my children if they get divorced, end up in litigation, encounter financial problems or go into Bankruptcy
  • How can I make sure my estate will help my children or grandchildren that have special needs?
  • How can I make sure my assets are used to fund college education for my grandchildren?
  • What will happen if I become ill or disabled?
  • How will I pay for assisted living or long term care if I need it?
  • Will I be eligible for Medicaid or Veterans’ Benefits?
  • Who will pay my bills and take care of my finances if I am unable to?
  • Who will make medical decisions for me if I cannot?
  • What life support or intervention methods do I want?

For Younger Families:

  • How will my family be financially provided for if something should happen to me or my spouse?
  • Who will care for my minor children if we both die?
  • Do I have adequate life insurance for my family? Should I get whole life or term insurance?
  • Should I invest in Long Term Care insurance?

Because each individual and family presents unique circumstances, personalized attention is given by our skilled attorneys to assess your circumstances and formulate a plan and course of action uniquely tailored for you.

A Last Will and Testament is one component of the Estate Plan that the Westchester lawyers at Giannasca & Shook will prepare for you.

Having a properly drafted Last Will and Testament  is one of the most basic devices of Estate Planning.  Through a will you can determine how your assets will be distributed after your death and who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes (the Executor or Executrix).   In the case of younger families a will can also address how any minor children will be cared for and who their legal guardian(s) will be.  For a married couple a will can set forth what will happen if one spouse dies before the other, or if they should die at the same time.  In more advanced planning, a will can direct that certain assets be placed in a trust for the benefit of designated beneficiaries and who the trustee(s) of the trust wills be.

Estate Planning in New York involves more than just having a will.

Although every person should have a Last Will and Testament, proper Estate Planning involves a much broader objective than just distributing your assets upon your death.  That is why the New York Elder Law and Estate Planning attorneys at Giannasca & Shook take a holistic approach in customizing an Estate Plan that meets your unique circumstances and needs.  Through the use of trusts that can be set up in myriad of ways we ensure the objectives you envision for your assets are carried out in the most feasible manner.

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Giannasca & Shook, PLLC helps grantors and trustees understand the full range of their legal options and responsibilities. We can also act as trustees for trusts. To schedule a free consultation, call 914-872-6000 or contact our office online.